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SMR Live

A Spatial Modelling Reverberator featuring 4 fully configurable, complex spatial modes – Classic, Hall, Room and EMT. Each of these models employ different reflection and decay algorithms to provide natural sound spaces ideal for live sound. Classic emulates high quality plates where the Shape parameter tailors the reflection pattern (min position for fast attack, mid position for rounded early reflections, and max position for separate early and late reflection patterns). Hall emulates a real Hall reflection model. Room accurately emulates a characteristic, complex room reflection pattern. EMT is a classic plates emulation, with good tonal balance for live use.

Important parameters are always visible in the top layer. 'Expert' pages add no less than 17 extra parameters as found on top studio reverb units.

HF Decay and Slope are both essential for HF decay spectrum adjustment in a live space. Setting HF Decay and Slope low creates a natural sounding HF decay. Setting HF decay and slope high creates a dramatic decay.